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creative leadership by atedo

Creative Leadership™ is creative corporate development with a focus on people. For strategic clarity, visual charisma and strong sales with clear targets. Those who want to transform the present into the future must redesign what already exists. We visualise the need for change for your employees in an intelligible manner, thereby awakening enthusiasm for shaping the future. Employees and customers want to know and understand their perspective with your company, and recognise a benefit and significance for themselves. This creates identification and motivation.

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What is “creative leadership”?

“creative leadership” is creative corporate development and originated with atedo. We believe that creativity starts with the strategy and its development. In workshops and consultations, you benefit from agile methods, combined with design thinking techniques. We demonstrate creativity in the rapid visualisation of results during work processes, and in lateral thinking, when it comes to business model development or sales. We take textbooks just as seriously as out-of-the-box methods – after all, you need to know the rules before you can break them.

What makes us unique?

Imagine you have big plans, and instead of working with strategy consultants, economists, sales specialists, an advertising agency, web designers, scrum masters, change managers and many more, you decide to work with just one agency. How does this benefit you? You no longer need to connect the interfaces, since we do this for you. This allows us to avoid frictional loss and create a holistic image of your company. Our work starts with analysis and strategy advice, advances business models, reinforces sales, supports marketing and provides change management consultancy. We plan and realise your creative measures. The individual disciplines are efficiently integrated and the output reflects all the findings of the joint working processes. You and your company receive everything from a single source.

How can we do that?

We are able to offer such a large portfolio because we are employees and managers with very different backgrounds. We started our careers working in different companies and have now been able to form successful synergies.

Where does the word atedo come from?

atedo comes from the Japanese and means (freely translated): the path to the goal. With atedo, the name speaks for itself.

Become a creative leader yourself, and lead your company in a targeted and efficient manner into the future. Contact us for more information.