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Derived from the corporate strategy, the strategic positioning and marketing strategy were developed. This resulted in rapid tangibility for customers and employees and a portfolio of effective and pragmatic measures.

Working together with the management and employees from all departments, atedo transformed the internal expertise into a clearly directed collaborative positioning process for better visibility and exploitation. Customers were deliberately incorporated into the strategy process in the spirit of partnership. The strategic foundation was additionally reinforced with a detailed Google data analysis. This provided further important insights for the targeted marketing process.


Special attention was paid to demonstrating the positioning in all company dimensions and points of contact with the customer (moments of truth). With rolling and agile planning, the implementation was structured and it was made sure that investments ensue in effective and efficient measures.


From the strategy to the measures – atedo gets to the heart of the matter and introduces the customer perspective with a great deal of empathy. There is a coherent common thread identifiable through all the measures. Conception and realisation are from one source. What is right and what is important – with atedo I can be sure of doing the right thing.

 Christoph Lang, CRO artimelt AG

Competencies used

  • Strategic positioning 
  • Employee communication and change management
  • Sales excellence: account and sales control, sales pitch training, development of sales tools
  • Development and training of content marketing
  • Corporate movie
  • Branding and brand appearance
  • PR
  • Screen & interaction design
  • SEA (Google AdWords)
  • Development and training of digital sales and marketing automation


Project managers

david naef