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atedo developed the strategic positioning, the branding and the marketing strategy for the new specialised brand in the field of fall-protection floors for playgrounds, derived from the business model innovation. A special focus was on the demonstration and visualisation of the key customer benefits at all points of contact (moments of truth). The aim is to directly address not only contractors, installation firms and architects but also end consumers with expedient measures in the areas of B2B/B2C sales and marketing.

Flexperience is a leading global, specialised pioneer brand for highly secure fall-protection system solutions for children’s playgrounds. A high-end system that meets the highest standards of fall protection and environmental friendliness.

Behind the Flexperience brand is Gezolan – a long-term atedo customer. The Swiss company has been a world-leader in quality for more than 50 years, specialising in forward-looking and environmentally-friendly granulate solutions for sports grounds and leisure flooring.

The Flexperience competence brand is a pioneering business model innovation and a strong example of how an SME can exploit in a targeted manner the opportunities afforded by digitalisation in its project processes and the customer experience. Flexperience strengthens Gezolan’s positioning as a whole – and especially in the area of child health protection.

The strategic positioning, with the fall-protection qualities of the different materials, was fittingly visualised with its own imagery and product explanations. The perspective of children as “end users” was deliberately chosen. The look and feel of the brand is fresh, lively and summery.

atedo has given the new FLEXPERIENCE brand a friendly face with regard to the international marketing – strategy-led, clearly positioned and sales-oriented

Josep Roger, CEO


Competencies used

  • Strategic positioning 
  • Brand promise and claim
  • Conception and implementation of B2B/B2C marketing strategy 
  • Sales excellence: development of sales tools for the sales pitch
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding & Brand appearance, product visualisations
  • Screen & Interaction design
  • Interaction design
  • Photo and video content

Project managers

david naef