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DIWISA, the Swiss market leader in the area of spirits, is embarking on new territory: a freshly-baptised whisky brand has been created. atedo is supporting the team at the C level and in product management with the brand systematics, the core brand appearance, the brand story, a holistic sales communication and various realisation work.

GOLDWAESCHER is a pure rye whisky, made exclusively with Swiss ingredients and stored in barrels of Swiss oak. A portfolio of products is planned, ranging from a strictly limited premium edition and a corresponding community to a classical retail product.

With passion and energy, the DIWISA team took on the product development for the new rye whisky and laid the foundation in production and scheduling for the future market launch. Together with atedo, a clear vision emerged as to how the brand story should be told. The mixture of a modern approach and natural grounding expresses the uniqueness of the new product range in an harmonious visual overall look.



The new product appearance with its new brand is intended to supplement and strengthen DIWISA’s premium range. With the emotional imagery, the suggestion of a thirst for adventure and fun in spending leisure time with friends, “Goldwaescher” has been given a harmonious face in line with an urban appeal. The website newly developed by atedo serves as a mainstay in marketing communication and sales, supplemented by flanking measures via social media.


The atedo team – enriched by the valuable contribution of Jojo Schulmeister – has created a fascinating, harmonious brand systematic and brand story that shows great marketing potential with regard to sales and overall strategy in the DIWISA premium range. 

Dominik Babst, Product Manager Premium Brands DIWISA

Competencies used:

  • Co-development of the product strategy
  • Branding and brand appearance
  • Brand story and imagery
  • Screen design
  • Picture direction
  • Product design and packaging / bottle
  • Product range consultancy and event support
  • Content creation

Project managers

david naef