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The key issue for iwaz as a social enterprise is to fulfil their social mission, to provide disabled people with space to develop, while operating successfully from a business perspective.

In an ordered withdrawal from day-to-day business during a retreat, the foundation board cooperated with the management, under the guidance of atedo, to develop the future positioning of the iwaz social enterprise. The concentration on five meaningful brand values, derived from the corporate strategy and the guiding principles, formed the foundation for the implementation.


On the outside, just like the inside – that is the principle of the brand thinking of iwaz. Viewing the social enterprise as a As within, so without – this is the principle of iwaz’s brand thinking. Viewing the social enterprise as a brand was an important step. The foundation of the brand values as a guideline for the behaviour of employees in a state of transformation was the most suitable method. At iwaz, people have always formed the focal point. From the customer journey to employee events, the management and atedo jointly orchestrated a completely new corporate identity. The website represents the most important components of the external appearance.


Combining the umbrella brand “iwaz Sozialunternehmen” with its individual accommodation, education, industry, restaurant and rehab technology brands into a whole was both a challenge and a motivation. Making the wide-ranging services provided by the social enterprise internally and externally tangible was the crowning point of the cooperation. Sensitivity in dealing with people was obligatory, and at the same time a deep and emotional experience in the cooperation, which will remain with us all for a long time.


Compliments rained down from all sides for the new appearance. Specialists from the advertising industry said of the new website: incredibly appealing, the colours are fantastic and the imagery is very fitting and emotional!

Management iwaz social enterprise


Competencies used:

  • Strategic positioning 
  • Branding and brand appearance
  • Live communication
  • Internal and external communication offensive
  • Offer design
  • Photography and moving images
  • Signage
  • Screen design

Project managers

daniel koelle



martina laios