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The key concern of Renova Roll is to define the future role of the company in a strongly changing construction industry, to derive from this the suitable strategic and operative areas of action – and to master the balancing act between the private client business and project business.

Concrete areas of action were defined in focussed offsite meetings with management. In terms of strategy, the focus was on working out a corporate positioning and its translation into the operative action level. Special attention was paid to digital transformation. As a Swiss SME with around 30 employees, Renova Roll recognised the sign of the digital age at an early stage and had already digitised numerous operative processes. These foundations were used to further expand the competitive edge in order processing.


At the communicative level, and to address private customers, emphasis was placed on both analogue and digital media channels. With the customer magazine Nuance, Renova Roll fulfils the needs of private customers, while meeting the high aesthetic expectations of architects. The Nuance magazine is supplemented with the e-mail newsletter Akzent, a dialogue marketing instrument that secures both customer loyalty and regular communication with the stakeholders.


Twenty years of company history meet agile consulting methods. This has resulted in a clear plan for the future, with many powerful measures that Renova Roll now possesses to successfully master all future challenges. To activate the employees, the brand values were translated into customer benefits and projected to the behavioural level. This makes the desired positioning tangible from the inside to the outside, and serves to support communication at all touchpoints. For Renova Roll, the brand must deliver on its promises, since this is the only way to bind customers and its employees to the company in the long term.


With atedo, we have simplified complex issues, made them tangible, and translated them into concrete measures. Across the board, the atedo team took account of our aesthetic standards and well-founded sector insights. And a healthy dose of humour in the cooperation makes the path to the future that bit easier.

Management Renova Roll AG

Competencies used:

  • Competencies used:
  • Strategic positioning 
  • Business model innovation development
  • Organisational development
  • Change management implementation
  • Branding and brand appearance
  • Offer design
  • Photography
  • Screen design
  • Interaction design
  • E-mail marketing

Project managers

daniel koelle



martina laios