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The key issue for Widenmoos: restructuring the overall offer and communicating clearly and attractively to members, as well as efficiently supporting the acquisition of new members.

Together with the owners and management, as well as employees from various departments, atedo worked out and presented the new strategic orientation. Special attention was paid to demonstrating the positioning in all corporate dimensions. The offer of the leading business club Widenmoos was restructured and supplemented. Additional modules in the context of a succession plan complemented the process at a higher plane, culminating in a brand relaunch with a comprehensive new appearance in logo, image and messages. The new website encompasses the entire range of services.


A leading business club reinvents itself: in addition to the focus on the medium- and long-term strategy and the relevant packages of measures, particular attention was paid to communication vis-à-vis employees and the existing members – in some cases long-term members. By means of targeted events, gifts and training, the closest associates of the company were gradually put in the picture with regard to the new path, and responded with feedback and questions.

The new overall appearance, with core brand, visual system, imagery and visualisations of the various areas of activity, helps all involved to better understand Widenmoos and its services, and to identify with the company.



Together with the atedo team, we are pursuing the path of continual digitalisation, bringing our specific range of services efficiently and authentically to the right stakeholders.

 Widenmoos Club Management

Competencies used

  • Agile strategy development 
  • Future work
  • Succession plan
  • Offer design
  • Branding and brand appearance
  • Photography
  • Screen design
  • Interaction design
  • SEA
  • Digital sales

Project managers

david naef