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The importance of communication design

Everyday we are confronted by an overwhelming flow of messages. According to advertising industry statistics, 13,000 advertising messages bombard us every single day. In the morning we read the newspaper, at breakfast the ingredients on the cereal package, and on the way to work we study timetables and signs. The day often ends with couch surfing and zapping through television programmes before we cast a final glance at the alarm clock.

All of this information is a part of communication design. They are self-evident to us and we only notice them when they annoy us, because they are not clearly phrased and designed.


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Taking the holistic path to communication design

We at atedo take a holistic view of your company and rely on analysis, structuring, advice and implementation. We follow the path with you and get to know you well. The impressions we gather help us in the communication and design process. Or, to use the words of the legendary designer Saul Bass: “Design is thinking made visible.”

Good communication design combines several factors to make a harmonious appearance: Which form of address do we choose? Do codes exist that are specific to your sector? Is the style technical or emotional? We are professionals who orchestrate your presentation and messages so that that they unfold their greatest possible impact in terms of content and visual imagery.

You are a specialist in your company, you know many details and possess great expertise. Often, however, it is difficult for internal employees to prioritise, structure and separate the wheat from the chaff. We support you on your path to your core messages, and introduce the necessary external view.

You stand out from your competitors with your structure, clarity and precision in words and in your visual appearance.

Contact us to create a form of communication that is best suited to your company.