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The power of branding

rands are like fixed stars. They provide orientation and shine brightly in the overall presentation of your company, both internally and externally. In a world where a large number of brands and messages compete daily for the attention of consumers, building a strong brand is of essential importance for the success of every company. Only a brand that is recognisable and can be clearly linked to your products and services will distinguish itself from competitors.



How do we create a brand with such charisma?

One of the tools used in our daily work is naming and branding. We give the brand a distinctive name and a strong identity. We weave together the findings gained from analyses of the company’s current situation with its strategic orientation, its marketing and sales targets, and the current state of its innovative power. What does the brand offer, what makes it unique, what makes it stand out from others? What is the ambition of the brand? Which goals do you aim to achieve both now and in the future? Do they clearly embody your values? Which impressions and feelings should be evoked in the observer? The essence of the brand is like DNA. We share our findings with the stakeholders in workshops and meetings. Questions and queries are clarified. It is only when the DNA of the company and the product are clear that can we work on the name and the outward appearance.
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Which challenges are faced by branding as a result of digitalisation?

The demands on a brand have become greater as a result of digital channels. There are more and more communication channels and measures waiting to be used. The high level of complexity means that consistent branding is all the more important, in order to hold the brand together visually. These days, however, the branding must also be very variable, since each medium has its own very specific design requirements. It must take account of technical specifications while remaining clearly recognisable. Our extensive experience in 360° communication and design allows us to achieve a fine balance between flexibility and continuity.

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