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Stumbling blocks and best practice in the UX

You want to buy some new sports shoes, so you surf the internet. You land on a page and are at a loss as how to proceed to buy your product. How long will you keep trying? Although each person certainly has a different pain threshold, what remains is still a bad impression. If the usability of the service is insufficient, what does that say about your products and offers? Exactly...

Together we develop a positive user experience to define the goals, values, processes and functions of a product or offer. The products not only look good, but also reinforce the statements you want to communicate to your customers.

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User experience and usability

User Experience refers to the behaviour and feelings that a person experiences while surfing or purchasing online. User experience is highly subjective and dynamic: the experience on a website can change constantly with each click. Usability, on the other hand, refers to the objective user-friendliness of an application. The two terms are closely connected: thus, the term user experience extends the concept of usability by both aesthetic and emotional factors. It is an judgmental feeling that arises during an interaction. It can be both positive and negative.

User experience matched to your buyer personas

Under the holistic understanding of user experience, it is also shaped by the beauty and emotionality of the experience. By this criterion, such measures are not equally important for each product: while beauty alone is not likely to be particularly convincing in a spreadsheet programme, aesthetics possibly play the most significant role in the area of clothes design.

As communication professionals with a great deal of psychological skill and experience with stakeholders, we provide you with sound advice and test the nuts and bolts of your offers. Good UX design will distinguish you from your competitors and provide you with competitive advantages.

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