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Strategically well-founded for greater success

The development of targeted strategies forms the basis for defining successful measures in the areas of marketing and sales. We support you creatively in optimising the customer journey for your success, derived from your corporate strategy.

Strong cooperation between marketing and sales

Is your marketing a mere cost centre? Is it the sales team that generates all the turnover? Yes, this situation is all too common. Marketing and sales are like cats and dogs, and if something goes wrong, then there is always someone else to blame. However, companies urgently need to abandon this attitude. How do they put it in these team-building workshops? TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! And yes, the interaction between marketing and sales should be just as well organised.

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atedo helps you to coordinate your marketing and sales strategies. We show you how you can use service level agreements and other measures to encourage mutual understanding, define common goals and ultimately celebrate SUCCESS TOGETHER.

Contact us if you want to know how to maximise your success with targeted and coordinated marketing and sales strategies.